dafabet888是世界上最大的再dafabet888经典娱乐场之一,dafabet888的全球办事处网络使dafabet888能够为客户提供国际专业知识和就近服务. From underwriting to claims management, training and research, our Life/Health experts will work directly with you to achieve your goals, wherever your business is based.


Like you, at Gen Re we know that thorough identification, 风险分析与评价是企业全面风险管理的关键. 这就是为什么dafabet888在生物识别保险风险评估的所有领域开发了全面的解决方案和服务.

Reinsurance is a traditional risk management tool. The transfer of risk to a strong partner relieves strain on capital, 大幅放宽dafabet888经典娱乐场的资本要求,稳定公司资产负债表. With proportional and non-proportional solutions for all kinds of biometric risks, our Life/Health experts will specially tailor a program to meet your needs.

We take an end-to-end approach to the service we provide. Whether you are looking for fresh insight into new product development, 获得领先的保险工具和专业知识,或协助处理具有挑战性的索赔, we have the people and platforms to help.

For further information please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@ebrandwatches.com.


Risk Assessment

在Gen Re, 100多年来,个人生命风险评估一直是一项核心优势. Experts in assessing even the most difficult risks, dafabet888的专家不断努力为有关各方获得最有益的解决方案.

We offer services in all areas of risk assessment. The level of qualification, dafabet888团队的经验和多样性使dafabet888能够为全球客户提供出色的支持.

使用dafabet888备受推崇的承销工具和系统套件只是这种支持的一个组成部分, helping you produce profitable underwriting results and stay one step ahead.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@ebrandwatches.com.

Underwriting Manuals

Our electronic underwriting manuals, 广泛的医疗背景信息和详细的评级评估提示, are recognized across the industry. Market-specific versions include:

  • International:
    CLUE (Cologne Re Life Underwriting Expert),有中文、英文、法文、意大利语和俄文版本
    LTC Manual (Long Term Care Manual), available in English, French, Korean and Spanish
  • Germany:
    DOM (Deutsches Online-Manual), in German
  • Spain:
    CLAVE (Cologne Life Agravados Version Espanola), in Spanish


Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@ebrandwatches.com.

Expert Underwriting Engine


Our underwriting system COMPASS  can be used for reflexive questioning during agent and client talks, both in tele-underwriting environments and on the Internet. 全世界的公司都在使用它,目前每天处理超过1.5万份申请.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@ebrandwatches.com.


对高效、高度专业的索赔调查能力的需求每天都在增加. Our team of experienced experts is here to support you in all legal, medical, occupational and operational matters. Be it advice on a specific case or in a specialist area, dafabet888量身定制的分析和建议可以使您的索赔评估有所不同

多年来,dafabet888的上门理赔服务已得到市场的认可. Providing clear, pragmatic support on all aspects of an assessment, our experts will help you to reach swift and informed payment decisions. dafabet888经验丰富的调解员还可以帮助您在沟通特别困难的情况下建立合作关系.

We know how complex professional claims management can be. 这就是为什么dafabet888为客户提供全面的流程分析和技术系统支持,以及细分评估. 充分利用dafabet888在上述任何或所有方面的广泛网络和国际专业知识.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@ebrandwatches.com.

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Claims Focus


At Gen Re we believe that information and collaboration are the basis for great innovation. The expertise of our Research & Development (R&D)团队是dafabet888客户享受的核心利益,dafabet888与他们直接合作设计和开发具有竞争力的新客户解决方案.

dafabet888的产品开发支持包括主要dafabet888经典娱乐场所需的全套服务, including the design of new products, calculation of the respective rates and development of policy terms and conditions. 上市后,dafabet888的投资组合监测和经验调查提供了进一步有价值的见解.

With extensive knowledge at its fingertips, 该团队还帮助dafabet888的医疗和职业承销商应对不断变化的环境和每天面临的新问题.

循证核保(EBU)根据最新的医学研究和现有统计数据审查dafabet888的核保指南. dafabet888的国际和多学科项目团队提供文件和演示文稿,在内部和外部支持dafabet888的指导方针.

The R&D团队还站在dafabet888倡议的最前沿,通过dafabet888制作的不同出版物分享dafabet888的专业知识. See our related links on the right.

Please contact your account executive or email us at lifehealth@ebrandwatches.com.


Today’s business world is complex and constantly evolving. To rise to the challenge, it’s vital for professionals to continually broaden their educational horizons. 受过专业训练的员工是每个保险机构的生命线.

At Gen Re, dafabet888热衷于为dafabet888的员工和您的员工提供满足行业需求的发展机会.

Through the Gen Re Business School, dafabet888为寿险领域的保险商和理赔评估人员提供多种培训课程, Disability, Critical Illness and Long Term Care. dafabet888感到自豪的是,dafabet888的许多课程都获得了特许保险协会(CII)或德国商会的认证.


Contact: Mirko von Haxthausen, Head of Gen Re Business School, +49 221 9738 156 or business-school@ebrandwatches.com.

Medical Underwriting and Claims Assessment

dafabet888的全球医疗培训课程为保险商和理赔评估人员提供持续的办公室发展. dafabet888的国际项目COMET(持续教育承诺)结合了定期的医学研讨会和培训模块,并支持模块之间的函授学习.

dafabet888为亚洲、欧洲和南非的客户提供英语课程. Find out more about COMET in your area.

We also offer a comprehensive underwriting training programme in German.

Risk Management

For us, being a Reinsurer has always meant being a Risk Manager. 因此,dafabet888分析了风险管理的各个方面,而不仅仅是基于风险的资本方面. Held annually in Cologne, the following courses and seminars include presentations, 案例研究和研讨会,提供一个独特的学习和分享意见和成果的平台:


dafabet888的Gen Re人寿/健康精算课程(GRAC)针对具有不同经验的精算师的需求. 在核心精算技术和最新的生命健康产品趋势方面提供坚实的基础, 为期五天的课程每年在科隆和上海举行,授课语言为英语:

Management & Leadership

Accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute, our Management & Leadership course aids the development of core leadership skills, including self-awareness, communication and understanding, motivating others and social competence. With a diverse range of nationalities in attendance, 这也是一个分享世界各地想法和经验的绝佳论坛:

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